6 steps to a successful digital channel strategy

Successful digital channel strategy is made up of smart and pragmatic components. Follow our Smart Six Step approach to develop an effective strategy:

1. Understand the business environment and competition

Start from the big picture: review the current situation and competitor & industry landscape. What is the role of digital channels in your industry right now and in the near future?

2. Create positioning statement for digital channels

Create the core message and experience that you want to deliver in each channel and interaction based on business goals, your knowledge of the target audience and your understanding of the current and future roles of digital channels.

3. Identify touchpoints for target groups and choose the most relevant ones

Choose and prioritize relevant touchpoints by understanding target audience behavior, aligning them with business goals and digital channel trends of your industry.

4. Set clear business, communication and functional goals for each channel

Based on the positioning statement, set well-defined goals for business operations, end user experience, content creation and how it all works operationally in the organization.

5. Define how target groups are served in each digital channel

Map and define content and services in each digital channel according to target groups.

6. Make sure to describe how it’s all organized internally

There’s no point in making a grand digital strategy if it’s out of touch with the every day reality of your organization’s operations.

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Kimmo Vanhakangas