Effective global website for world class B-to-B brand Kalmar

Slave Digital continues to work with global B-to-B brands and designs a global website for Kalmar, part of Cargotec. We truly can call this project heavy weight: the role of Kalmar in business is huge, every fourth container move in the world is handled by a Kalmar solution. No wonder it’s essential for Kalmar to have a website that reflects its contributions in global business, and supports the brand that conveys this image.




The strengthening of the Kalmar brand was one of the key elements in our project. The project started with the renewal and launch of the global kalmarglobal.com site, and will continue with local sites to be launched in the next phase. A great deal of our work in this website project, and in website projects generally, consists of content design and production, starting off by finding and creating the key messages. The content production ranges from copy text to images, forms and infographs and goes hand-in-hand with detailed user experience design.

“We’re extremely happy to work with such a global brand like Kalmar. We wanted to design a simple and easy user experience to support the fresh new content and the goals defined in the digital strategy. Together with Kalmar, we put a lot of effort to understand the users and their needs, and how they interact with Kalmar online on all devices,” tells Kimmo Vanhakangas, Slave Digital´s director and founder.

Clear introduction of Kalmar’s offering, easy to use product information and finding the contacts easily, were the focus of content and user experience design, which aims to serve the needs of cargo handling industry clients. The site is fully responsive on all different screen sizes and devices.




“It’s great to work with an agency that understands the big picture and has the ability to keep all the threads together without losing track of the goals, budget frame or project schedule. Slave Digital´s excellent customer service attitude is a pleasure, we´re very pleased with our long term relationship with Kimmo and the team,” says Maija Eklöf, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Kalmar.

Kalmar is a valuable global B-to-B brand. It is part of Cargotec, one of the top 20 largest companies in Finland and a top 100 company in the Nordic region. With EUR 3.2 billion sales in 2013 (Kalmar 1.5 billion), Cargotec has over 11,000 employees (Kalmar 5,500) and operations in more than 100 countries around the world.

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