Give your website a light responsive facelift: 5 smart steps

When time, budget or internal resources are limited for an overall responsive website design project, choose a light version.

Recently, Slave Digital gave Eniro Sentraali´s 0 100 100 service a light responsive facelift: the most crucial parts of the site were made responsive in order to meet the needs of ever-growing mobile users.

5 smart steps for a light facelift

These five smart steps help you to meet fast and easy the needs of mobile smartphone and tablet users without going heavy and redesigning your whole web service responsive.

1. Study the metrics of your site´s mobile use

Look at your site metrics, what´s the number – should you meet the needs of mobile users tomorrow or yesterday?

2. Understand what your target audience really needs

What are your target audience looking for on your site? Do they find it?

3. Choose what is the most relevant content for users accessing your site through mobile devices

Is there spesific content mobile users are looking for? Does it differ from desktop users?

4. Be open to alternative technical solutions

If you choose a smart technical solution, you don´t have to change or have complicated update on your publishing platform. CSS can do the trick!

5. Implement by using relevant content from your existing site

Find and use relevant existing content without redesigning new. This step saves you a lot of time and energy, since content creation and updates can be the most time consuming element of responsive site design.




Sentraali offers multi-channel customer service solutions. 0 100 100 is one of the most popular directory assistance services in Finland.

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