Notes from “High Impact Business Presentation Skills” workshop

Our girl Griet attented a workshop in Ghent given by the world champions in public speaking, Ed Tate & Darren Lacroix. She thought the guys were real professionals and their confidence contagious and wanted to share her notes from the workshop the two champs gave about public speaking.

Tips & tricks from the world champions in Public Speaking

Check out these 6 tips from Ed Tate & Darren Lacroix that can help you when you are giving a presentation or doing a speech:

1. Identify the KFD’s: Define what you want your audience to know, feel and do after you have given the presentation. In your head, try to describe it in one sentence and prepare your presentation based on these thoughts.

2. Control the space: Make sure you have installed and tested all possibly needed equipment and tools in advance. You can even determine where you want people to sit to have the best interaction with your crowd.

3. Connect with your audience: Be confident and be grounded before you start to educate or entertain people. Look at the audience on your left side and make eye contact with one person. Do the same in the middle of the audience and on the right side. Then start your speech.

4. Stories are sticky. Tell a story! People will always best remember a story, rather than facts & figures. A story is easy to remember and will serve as evidence to make your point.

5. Be you-focused: Tell a story in the you-form. Get your audience to feel the story as if they were actually there. Make them the hero of your story!

6. Tension is in your head: You might be stressed out and afraid to do or say something wrong, but never forget that the audience wants you to succeed! They didn’t show up to be bored, did they?

Note: In the article Griet is referring to Ed Tate & Darren Lacroix’s presentation on public speaking in Sint-Lievenscollege, Ghent on the 11th of March 2014.