Parallax scrolling site for Starting Business in Finland


Parallax scrolling, the technique, where, as you scroll, the background images move slower than the rest, making an illusion of depth plus creating motion, has been an increasingly popular web design trend over a couple of years. The technique might no longer be flavour of the month, but there are still good reasons to use it, especially for long form pages. Three advantages listed below:

1. Increased time on site

Parallax scrolling makes page visits last longer by encouraging visitors to scroll through the entire page. When more time is spent on the site, the message is more easily delivered. You know you have valuable content when time on site increases.

2. Stronger call-to-action

Parallax is a smart way to direct visitors to your call-to-action. With parallax you can tactically promote your call-to-action and make sure visitors always know what to do next.

3. Enhanced audience engagement

Parallax is a great attention grabber, and scrolling through a site that feels exciting holds visitor interest and when done well, leads to interaction with the content and strengthens overall audience engagement.

View the parallax scrolling site we did for Finpro together with Roy:

It’s aimed at small to medium size companies interested in the Finnish market, and provides a step by step introduction into the basics of starting a business in Finland. Slave Digital’s role in the project consisted of creating and implementing the overall site concept, getting great brand guidance from our friends at Roy Marketing Network.

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