Five steps to plan and run your email marketing program successfully (2/2)

When you have created the content plan supporting your other marketing activities, and have a seamlessly working email templates ready to be used, it’s time to make everything happen. Follow our five steps to plan and run email marketing successfully.

1. Who writes, who edits? Your content creation process

So, you have created a content plan. Next you need to make sure there’s a content creation process in place. Do this by defining who makes the content, who approves it and who is the one to approve the final email.

2. Operating in many countries? Define your localization process

There are two important items on the localisation process list: make sure you know who translates the emails and who approves the translations.

3. Email list is a mess? Clean your list management process

You have an email list. Do you know how to increase the amount of subscribers? Make sure you have a process how to get more subscribers and how to add them to your list. Define the person to do it. Also, it’s good to define who manages and approves segmented lists.

4. Time to send the email. How’s your send out process?

The content for the email is ready. How is it provided forward? Define who makes the email draft and who approves it. Make sure you know who is the one to approve the email list and who sends the final newsletter.

5. Did you guys get my mail? Your results process

The email is out. Who received, who read it? Did anyone click your CTA-buttons? Make sure you have defined a person to report the results and make recommendations based on them. Also you need to know who decides how to improve content and segmentation based on the recommendations.

And yes, we can run this all for you. Our team has worked over 10 years together on different kind of e-mail marketing projects, big or small. Contact us and we show the way how to do successful email marketing.



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