The foundation for a successful email marketing program (1/2)

Successful email marketing is so much more than technical implementation and snappy copy. It’s a whole journey from content to conversion, technical implementation to operating the email marketing. With these 3 steps, we’ll help you to lay a solid ground for your organisation’s email marketing program.

1. Start with a content plan

The content plan should support other marketing activities in your organization. Make sure you have a valid contact list and a plan how to grow it. You don’t have to do segmentation from the start, learn how to run your email marketing first. Keep in mind that segmentation requires remarkable amount of content creation.

2. Use the results to see what kind of content works best

Use the email marketing results actively to see what kind of content works best. Modify your content plan according to the results. Follow open-rates to see what kind of subject lines work best, click-thru rates to see what kind of content elements work and unsubscribe rate to see what kind of content type is good. Always remember that relevant content converts best.

3. Make your email templates work seamlessly

A consistent user experience means that the email templates work seamlessly from the email to the conversion point on your website or online store, in all devices and email clients. Make sure the email you send works on mobile and if it has a link to your online store, the online store works on mobile too…



Optimizing email templates for mobile devices is not easy, but we have experience to do it. We can also help you to choose the right email marketing tool with our expertise and experience, evaluating and recommending the right tools for all types and sizes of business.

After you have laid the ground for a successful email marketing program, check here again soon and read Part 2: Five item task list to plan and run an email marketing program successfully

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