We’re excited to announce our new name – Slave Digital is now Crop

It’s short! It’s sweet.

We’re launching in Germany to add to our Helsinki and Ghent offices and for this new beginning, we thought it was time to shake things up a little and refresh our brand and our company for the future. Our new name, Crop, reflects our focus on the things that really matter – how we get right down to what’s relevant and get rid of what isn’t. It also reflects the fact that we always have long-term gains in mind and how we carefully grow the crop for our clients to harvest.


We hope you like it! We most certainly do.

Our rebranding has been a true labor of love, and one all of our own making: Marjaana was responsible for the positioning and came up with the name, while Antoine is the man who conjured up the sharp new Crop logo. We’ll roll out our new look over the next few weeks across everything from our website and social media channels, to our door signs, presentation templates, and everything else in between.

Stay tuned for more!